Accepting Online Admissions

Tooba Academy is pleased to announce that we are now accepting online admissions for the academic year 2023-2024. Parents and students can apply for admission by visiting our website and filling out the online application form. The online application process is simple, secure, and convenient, allowing parents and students to apply from anywhere at any time.

We understand that the admission process can be stressful and time-consuming, and that is why we have made it easier for parents and students to apply online. Our online admission system allows parents to track their application status and receive updates on the admission process. It also enables them to upload all the necessary documents required for admission, such as birth certificates, academic records, and photographs.

Our admissions team is available to assist parents and students throughout the application process. We are committed to providing a fair and transparent admissions process and ensuring that all applicants are evaluated on their merits.

We encourage parents and students to apply early to secure a place at Tooba Academy. Our school is renowned for its high academic standards, supportive community, and excellent extracurricular activities. We look forward to welcoming new students and families to our school community.