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Welcome to Tooba Academy, home of the Eagles. Tooba Academy is one of the few Islamic Schools in Central Ohio. We hope that you find our website easy to navigate through and that you are able to explore all the features and services we have to offer.

At Tooba Academy we welcome Muslim students and parents from different backgrounds and we invite them to partake in our mission which is to graduate excellent Muslim American Ambassadors.

Tooba Academy was inaugurated in 2012 as the second chartered non-public Islamic School in Central Ohio and is located at 1950 Morse Road Columbus, OH 43229.

At Tooba Academy we provide a rigorous curriculum that aims at achieving academic and moral superiority.

Our dedicated staff are qualified to be Muslim role models which we believe is the essence of attaining our mission. In addition to that, our staff are equipped to deliver academic curriculums in various academic pedagogies to accommodate learners coming from all walks of life. 


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Mission & Vision


Tooba Academy’s mission is to empower Muslim children in the acquisition of knowledge by integrating an authentic understanding of Islam in a modern cultural context. The aim is to provide an environment where the timeless practice of teaching and learning is being experienced by students through qualified educators and authentic scholarship.


Our vision is to establish an institution where the intellectual, ethical, social, physical, emotional, and most importantly, spiritual development of young American Muslims can be nurtured; producing confident, spiritual, and professional leaders who will be an asset to our society.

Tooba Eagles’ Values:

At Tooba Academy we will strive to instill these values in our students whom we hope will embody these values in the greater society.

Students showing adherence to these values will be recognized and celebrated.

  • Kindness
  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Gratitude

Description of Values


Abu Dharr narrated that the prophet( pbuh) said:

“Your smiling in the face of your brother is charity”

  • Come to school every day with a smile.
  • Let’s see how many good deeds you can earn simply with a smile!
  • Be kind to your friends and classmates and say only good things to them
  • Use your hand only to help your friends but never to harm them help whenever you can


Ali Ibn Abi Taleb said: 

'Work for your worldly life as if you will live forever, and for the hereafter as if you will die tomorrow

  • Be determined to achieve the highest level of education while remembering Allah in every action you take.
  • Make every action you take for the sake of Allah.
  • I come to school to learn to become a strong Muslim.
  • I eat healthy meals to strengthen my body so I can worship Allah
  • I exercise, have fun so I can have a healthy body (this helps worship Allah)


The prophet (pbuh)said:

Verily, Allah has sent me to perfect noble morals and complete good deeds

  • I always lend whoever is talking a listening ear and only speak after they are done.
  • I always think before I talk because hurtful words can cause big damage
  • I do my best to follow my teachers’ instructions and never show an attitude


A Muslim is ordered by Allah to be truthful in his words and deeds, privately and publicly alike.

  • Never cheat in your exams
  • Speak the truth all the time even if you think you might get in trouble
  • Never betray


Allah Subhana Wataala said in the holy Quran:

If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more. But if you are ungrateful, surely My punishment is severe. '”

  • Every day you wake up show gratitude to Allah for allowing you to live another day.
  • Thank Allah for blessing you with health, food and shelter.
  • Show gratitude to your teachers for teaching you something new every day.
  • Thank your friends for stretching a hand.

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