Health & Mental Wellness Program

Tooba  Academy has Partnered with Nationwide Children's Hospital to bring a Health and Mental Wellness Program to our School.

Signs Of Suicide Prevention Program . Please Check Out the attached file to read more about the program.

CSPR_SOSforSchools_Brochure - Download the PDF

At Tooba Academy, the local wellness policy plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and well-being of its students. The policy encompasses a comprehensive approach that ensures students have access to nutritious meals, physical activity, and health education. By offering a well-balanced and wholesome meal program, the academy supports healthy eating habits among students, laying the foundation for a lifetime of good nutrition. Additionally, the policy encourages regular physical activity, whether through organized sports, fitness classes, or recreational opportunities. Moreover, health education initiatives provide students with valuable knowledge about making healthy choices and prioritizing their well-being. Through this holistic approach, Tooba Academy is able to foster an environment that not only promotes the physical health of its students but also instills the importance of overall wellness.

Wellness Policy

TA Wellness Policy Assessment FY23

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