AQIS (Arabic, Qurain, Islamic Studies)

Tooba Academy’s Arabic curriculum is based on four interactive abilities:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These abilities are emphasized as curriculum priorities, which shape and influence the total academic life of the student. The program also supports correct pronunciation, handwriting and grammar. Students engage in meaningful reading, writing and speaking activities for a variety of purposes and audiences. Students develop and use effective processes as readers and writers.


Arabic Program Kg:


Our kindergarten through third grade students will be instructed using an Arabic curriculum called, ICO International Curricula. This is a comprehensive series designed to teach Arabic to English-speaking children. It offers the latest methods of second-language instruction, with special emphasis on building the four linguistic skills needed to learn a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The program introduces linguistic elements, such as words, expressions and grammatical constructions, through the use of real-life situations.

​Our fourth through eighth grade students will be instructed using an Arabic curriculum called, Arabic With Husna which will build on the Arabic foundations that we develop in our students from K-3rd grade. This is a comprehensive Quranic Arabic curriculum that leverages best teaching practices based on experience with thousands of students, enhanced study materials designed to optimize student learning. This curriculum was put together by a team of educators in collaboration with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan at the Bayyinah Institute.


  Quran Program :

Please select the attachment below for more information about our Quran program.


Islamic Studies Program:

Our kindergarten through fifth grade students will be instructed using the I Love Islam series. This series presents Islam in an exciting and engaging way. Each textbook and workbook gradually introduce Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light historical and cultural aspects of Islam. Each book in the series is designed to emphasize aspects of Islam appropriate for that grade school level.

Our sixth through eighth graders will be instructed using "Learning Islam" series. This series builds on the success of the elementary level series I Love Islam. Our Islamic Studies teachers will supplement and enrich the curriculum by using other resources to strengthen the knowledge of our middle school students and to supplement the Learning Islam curriculum.

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